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how to Disable write protection from pendrive

We received problem from our Reader regarding "Removing write protection from Pendrive". Here we will try to solve it.

What is write protection?
SD Card with Lock
- Write Protection is a feature(yes you read it right) that is generally found in flash drives like pen drives and memory card. It prohibits users to write anything to the drive, thus protect the drive from any modification to its data and also stops virus(from computer) to Copy(write) itself to the drive.

Initially, it was done using a small physical (hard)switch located in the Pendrive and memory card. The small yellow switch in this snap is for write protection. Similar, switch is used in any side of some pendrives.

Now, this feature is also being achieved digitally without any Hardware.

Why is it a problem then?
-it is a Problem when:
  a) we don't know about it and it prohibits us from writing
  b) it is (digitally) implemented without user consent either by someone or by Virus


First of all, make sure if there is any physical Switch is present or not, if it is then adjust it to unlock side.
If there is no physical switch or still problem persists, Go ahead.

As many a times it is done by virus also, it is suggested to scan your system including pendrive with a good updated Antivirus, if you don't have any then Download and install MalwareBytes, update it and do the scan.
For detail information of Virus cleaning, check : clean virus  


I have found a simple trick which also solves this problem (when your USB Device has minor problem only). Try this :

1) Right click 'My computer' -> Manage or Management -> Disk management
2) select your USB drive -> Right click ->"change drive letter and paths"
3) Then Rename it to a different letter

Check whether it starts working or not !!

 Note: Quotes( ' ) are used for information only, whenever you are asked to type, do without the quotes. Ex:  if asked to type 'abc'. Then don't put quotations ( ' ) while typing, type only
 Method I : Using Diskpart

First we will try to remove read only attribute from the specific drive.

Warning : Be sure to do this on the right disk since the diskpart command can do serious damage if you run it on the wrong disk.

1)  Start Menu -> Run(or in search box) -> Type 'cmd' -> press 'Enter' -> Command Promt will open
2) Type 'Diskpart' -> enter ->  'list disk' -> enter
3) Select the disk you are going to modify, if your required USB disk is in 'disk 4' then 
4) type 'select disk 4' -> enter , now disk 4 is selected,  'list disk' will show star(*) beside it
5) 'list disk' -> enter 
To Clear the Read-Only attribute on the selected disk (To Disable write protection):
6) Type 'attributes disk clear readonly' -> enter
The disk is no longer Write protected. The Read-Only attribute is removed.

If you wish to set the write protection again, just do the same procedure and
Type 'attributes disk set readonly' -> enter

When you are done modifying the disk attributes just issue the exit command
7) Type 'exit' -> enter

If files inside USB drive are still in read only mode
-open command prompt
-Type ' j: ' -> enter (put your drive label in place of 'j' )
- Type ' attrib -r /s /d *.* ' -> enter
- exit

Method II : Using RegEdit

This will Remove write protection from USB Drives. If it doesn't then lets disable writeprotect from your System Using Registry Editor:

1) Start Menu -> Run(or in search box) -> Type 'regedit' -> press 'Enter' -> Registry Editor will open
2) Expand by clicking ' + ' and Navigate to the following path :


If you can't find  'StorageDevicePolicies', then you have to create the key:
-Right click on ' control '-> New -> Key -> a new key will get created -> rename it as 'StorageDevicePolicies'
-Right click on 'StorageDevicePolicies
-> New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value -> Name it as 'WriteProtect'
writeProtect to storage device policies

Now if you want to enable write protection, use ' 3) ' , to Disable write protection, use ' 4) '

3)To Enable Write protect, Double click on 'WriteProtect', and set its value data to '1'
Edit DWORD value
Once set, all users on the computer is now blocked and prevented from copying, transferring or writing any files, documents and data to the USB disk drives.
4)To Disable Write protect, Double click on 'WriteProtect', and set its value data to '0'
Once reset to '0', all users on the computer is now allowed to copy, transfer or write any file, document and data to the USB disk drives.

5)close your registry edit window.

For first time, you may get that same message again, close the notification window and try to write to the USB again and it should work. You’ll probably have to do this with all your USB drives to clear that “Disk is write protected” message. Hope this helped.

If still same problem then You have to go for Formatting it.

Method III : Using Formatting

Try Formatting by Disk Management
If it doesn't format.

Try these tools:
1) Download Neo 9
(Zipped with Password - techsoln )
2) Transcend's Online Recovery Tool
3)  Apacer Formatting Utility
(Zipped with Password - techsoln )  

Using 1st two is simple.

For using  Apacer Formatting Utility, 
Unzip this utility to preferably on a folder on desktop for easy access (Do Not Save it on pen drive).
Keep your pen drive plugged in
Double click on the 'Start.bat' file in the folder where you unzipped the above utility.
This will start formatting your pen drive, wait till the formatting completes and the LED on your pen drive stops blinking.
Remove your pen drive and plug it in again.

If you still face same problem, go to service center. If you have warranty left then replace your pendrive.

Happy Computing :)

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  1. In my computer tool it shows only removable disk,not formatted .it can't formatted using above cmd prompt it shows unrecognised device.but it had fully data before encountering the problem

    1. Can you open and access your USB drive?(this answer is a must)

      If Method I didn't work for you then it might have shown some error.
      Alarming situation is if all three tools in method III didn't work.
      As, ' Neo 9 ' & ' Apacer Formatting Utility' uses Low Level Formatting which is almost last cure one can do for recovering USB drives. chip level recovery is the only option left (available very less).
      As nothing more left, I'll suggest,
      -restart your system(after removing USB drive)
      -insert USB Drive
      -Try Method I again
      -Just recheck for value '0' in Writeprotect(Method II)
      -use 'Neo tool' and 'Apacer Formatting Utility' again
      -check whether problem solves or not
      - restart and again insert usb check whether access is possible now

    2. Thanks man it worked by changing the letter.I had tought to by a new one because it shows writ protected."thanks a lot"

    3. Welcome Mr. Gujjula.. :)
      It is good that you mention which method worked for you.. Thanks

    4. I am not able to create storage device policies can anyone help me out

    5. You can see this post:

    6. Very Nice and Informative Post. Thank admin for sharing such an amazing post.

      --->>Unable to Format Pen Drive? (Format Guaranteed)

  2. How if the flash disc has been inserted and I am able to access it (in write protected status), but when I run Neo 9 or Transcend it keep saying 'USB Flash Disk is not found' ?

    1. Hi.. whether your flash disk is showing in 'My Computer' or not?
      If not then check with all the USB ports in your system.
      Reply it then we can proceed Troubleshooting further.

    2. Hi, still not working. What can I do next as the Neo 9 still can't find the flash disc

    3. Is this Flash Disk detecting in other PC or not?
      Because, if it is detecting, then problem is in your PC.
      If it isn't detecting, then problem lies in your Disk.

      We can try to resolve after knowing where the problem reside actually?

    4. Yes, other PC can detect the flash disk.
      What should I do next?

      I add in the storagedevicepolicies, no use.
      I use cmd to diskpart, also no use.
      When I use Neo or Apacer, they cant find the flash disk

    5. Ok...Since we have to troubleshoot your PC. Let me know which Operating system(with Service Pack) you are using(right click on My computer-> Properties)
      And whether it detects in 'My computer' or not

      If it does then Follow the steps mentioned in "UPDATE" section just before 'Method 1'

    6. Note: Your system must be Virus free, check our Virus cleaning link if you do have Viruses:

      For USB drives to work properly, it is also important that both connecting USB device(flash disk) and PC USB Port must be of same version.

      Mention these in your reply:
      1) Was this Flash Disk previously working OK with this PC?

      2) how many devices in that PC total are connected via USB port?

    7. If Flash Disk was working fine previously and "Update" section didn't work for you, Download 'Drive Cleanup' via this link :

      Extract it, CUT "DriveCleanup.exe" from 'x64' if system is 64-bit or 'win32' if system is 32-bit & PASTE in "C:\Windows\System32"

      Open Command prompt with administrator privilege:
      Start->Run->cmd->enter (winXP)
      Start->type 'cmd' in Searchbox -> right click 'cmd icon' ->Run as administrator (win7 or Vista)

      In command prompt, type 'DriveCleanup.exe' -> enter
      This will uninstall all previous USB drivers.(there are plenty and cause problem sometimes)

      Replug your Flash disk it will install fresh & clean!!

      Hope this solves your problem..
      Do mention your experience.

  3. Changing the drive letter worked. Many thanks for your useful article!!

    1. Welcome..
      Glad to know that this article helped you.

      Visit others and tell us how they are!!

    2. I am unable to change Drive letter

    3. @Rohit: try other methods explained here..

  4. Hi...if the computer is connected to a network as on big companies and also there is port security enabled on every port. Even the pen drive is not detected also if u insert any thing in the port other than what it is configured for the network admonistrator comes to know.Is there a way to disable port security and use flash drives on it

    1. Yes there is ways to disable port security, but it requires Administrator privileges which you might not have.

      Big Companies do this for there security purposes.. Let it be secured!!

  5. i can read my files on transced 8GB pendrive but all those methods didn't work and that neo says no flash disk and apacer closes right after it open Nothing works!!!!

    1. I am having the same problem with my sandisk pendrive and all method mentioned above does not works. So I kindly request you to please help me out of this.

  6. in that disk part method it says attributes cleared succesfully but disk management again shows the read only attribute

    1. if all the above methods(changing drive letter, diskpart, Regedit) didn't work for you(make sure you tried them all),
      - does it behave normal on other PC?
      - Check for a Physical switch for write protection
      - Virus may also be the case, make sure your PC is virus free:

  7. my pen drive show "disk is write protected"

    im not able to read/write in it.
    1) i tried regedit. its not working.
    2)there are no virus. checked with Mcafee 8.7i
    3)used "DiskPart"..pendrive is listed in the "list disk"

    can you suggest a solution ??

  8. sorry. In "DiskPart" pendrive is not listed in the "list disk"

    1. its getting detected in my computer

    2. i tried all the above mentioned methods. not working with anything. pendrive gets detected in my computer.

      1. i chabged the drive letters.
      2. used transcend format tool & neo9(flash disk not detected)
      3. used disk part. disk is not listed in "list disk"

      not able to format.not able to read/write.

    3. Does it read/write on other PC??

      If not, then I suspect it is hard to recover (reason may be physical damage/water contact)

    4. No. not in any PC !! no way to use my pendrive ?

  9. Thankzzz was really helpfull and now i am able to use my pndrive.

    1. It is our pleasure that we are able to help in finding Solution to your problems here.
      Do visit other pages and leave your valuable comments.

  10. i tried all the methods but it didn't work on my usb, still write protected.. plss help me usb is sandisk cruzer edge 8 gb.

  11. hi dude... i have tried all the methods given above but failed..:( plzzz help me...

  12. i have Toshiba 8GB pen-drive. it contain some software and when i connect in my laptop it ask to format the drive and i formatted it. Now the pen-drive becomes 4MB. How it possible- the 8gb pen-drive become 4mb.

    1. These thing happens mostly on fake or duplicate pendrive.

      Recently, while checking one 32GB sony pendrive of my senior having problem, I found out it was a fake one.

      check it with the person from whom you purchased it & you may contact Toshiba for its genuine verification check.

  13. my pendrive is input the computer in massage "the disk is write-protected"

    1. Hi Devendra..
      Have you tried above mentioned methods?

  14. sir please sent the methods, mujhe mera data wapas chahiye, usme kai important data hai, jo ki pen drive me nahi dikha raha hai. please help me.

    1. Mostly, aapka Data mil jana chahiye..
      aap pehle uper bataye hue methods try kro..phir hamen batao... thik hua ya nhi..
      Format wala part nhi karna..

      If you wish to chat regarding any problem.. then you can do so by messaging us in our Facebook page
      (Facebook Like link is on right side panel ..below 'Total Pageviews' )

    2. hi saurabh,

      i used all way mentioned by u, byt ii am unable to format my moserbaer 8GB pendrive. Its still showing PEN DRIVE IS WRITE PROTECTED

      I tried from regedit as well as from cmd but it dosen't work.. Please help me on this..


  15. i have disabled the write protecton by method no.1 it was done and after some time i have enabled it again and i have forgotten to type xit and un pluged the pendrive when i have inserted it again an error come to formet the pendrive and now it is displaying the pendrive but when i try to open that the my computer starts not respondin

    1. you don't need to enable write protection again, I written it so that if you wish to then you can enable write protection on your pendrive by yourself. (an option)

      Please follow the steps as mentioned!!!

      try inserting your pendrive in other computer.
      -open it from my computer
      -open it using command prompt

      tell me the observation

  16. hi sir, i have tried the methods above and other formatting tools but it doesn't solve my problem. my usb is write protected and seem to be corrupted cause every time i jock in my usb it says to format but write protection prevent me from formatting it. no method works for me. sir pls help, this suddenly happened when i copy files from my netbook to my usb and suddenly interrupted accidentally. my usb is a kingston 4gb.

  17. i hv sandisk 16gb pendrive.when i try to format it saying the disk is write disk part i type attribute disk noerr it says









  19. getting same error, please help with solution in case found

  20. i tried all above methods its not working on my scandisk usb it still give protecting disk error

  21. Even After doing all its not fixed.
    I downloaded Apacer Formatting Utility and there is an error Device Not Found/n

  22. I have try this all method . But all method doesnot work for my pen drive. plz help again it shows the disk is write protect. provide me your any ID as facebook, Skype etc .

  23. Thanks man, this really helped a lot!

  24. Method 1....just awesome...thak you very much

  25. by using 1st method cmd shows an error- diskpart has encountered an error
    so what can i do...normally windows shows me this error so what the purpose of this method.

    when we use 2nd method.....there is no folder for SYSTEM STORAGE POLICIES......SO this is also waste of time.

    suggest me any other genuine method to get rid from this problem.

  26. I follow your 2nd step but still it's not working and showing same message :(

    1. the write protection will be disabled only in the computer in which it was write protected,.... both method 1 and 2 should be done in the system in which it is write protected,.... follow 2 to get better result,..

  27. Please see link below

  28. I tried out all the methods mentioned above but nothing solved this error.
    My pendrive is "IRON MAN" 4GB.

    please help me...

  29. I have 8GB Pendrive and wheneve i connect it to computer, it says to format.
    First it says " Windows unable to format the disk"
    Second time it says "The Disk is write - protected"

    I tried the method of changing the drive letter from G to H and then format it
    again not formatted but it asks for scheduled or scan test...I scheduled it and now my PEN DRIVE is showing and I can read all the data

    Main concern is this it's not getting " Formatting ". While formatting, it says "The Disk is Write Protected " I tried all the above methods till low level formatting but all in veins.

    Please help me if any one knows the exact solution.

  30. hi
    i hav tried all the methords mentions in this form.... but i can`t format the pen drive.........

  31. hi ....
    i have tried all the methods mentions in this form. but still i m not able to format my read only drive .... plz help me out with the problem .... thanks

  32. Nothing........................

  33. Thanks I have tried many commands many tools but but neo 2.9 solved my proalem. It is the best write protection remover tool

  34. i have tried but no method is working

  35. hi.... my pendrive shows write protected..... ll i loose the data in the pendrive if i change the letter or follow regedit method.... plz help me... i have a very important data in it...

    1. you can copy from a write protected disk..
      you won't be able to modify the current filesystem of the disk

  36. none of the above works in my problem...i tried all ,but still showing 'write protected'....pls help me..

  37. sir;
    i have try all the method given its not working

  38. not working my sandisk 8 gb pen drive

  39. hi saurabh,

    i used all way mentioned by u, byt ii am unable to format my moserbaer 8GB pendrive. Its still showing PEN DRIVE IS WRITE PROTECTED

    I tried from regedit as well as from cmd but it dosen't work.. Please help me on this..


  40. Nice post but I think you should give a look to this article also..

  41. none of above works fr me.......... :(

  42. all issue i had done ..but my pendrive is not disble how to disable sthis?????

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. meri pendrive format nhi ho rhi h.....maine yhe sb try kr liya h

  45. your solutions is absolutely fantastic it work for my problem thank you publisher

  46. All the methods above have failed to work.should i throw away my flashdisk.

  47. Type in Run window regedit and click OK

    After registry editor Open Goes to the
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Storage Device Policies\
    In the Right Pane Double Click on Write Protect and Type in Value 1
    Write Protection is Added

    For Remove Write Protection
    Double Click on Write Protect and Type in Value 0
    write protection will be Removed

    Or Simply Download the Application Called USB Write Protector
    For Enable and Disable USB Port

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  54. Thanks Man..Neo 2.9 software tool worked.

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  59. hi
    i have similar problem but in my case in diskpart the readonly is no in attributes but status is still yes on top
    how to solve that

  60. I mistakenly deleted the control folder and now my pen drive is not working can u help me please

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